Updates to the site

There have been some major updates here.  The Family tree has had a major make over, it has a lot of new data added and some data that I found out was wrong has been removed.  There are new pictures added to the family tree app so if you click on a person you may start to see photos for that person (Still a new thing so it will get better over time with more photos). 

I added some photos to the gallery.  A trip to the Grand Canyon National Park is now online.  Pictures can not even begin to describe it, I bet I have seen hundreds of photos over the years but until I saw it in person it just was not the same.  This trip took place in the summer time (June 2014) and it was about 85-90 degrees there, not too hot but it was before the rainy season had set in.  You can see them here:   Grand Canyon

Merge Is Complete

If you have been redirected here from Banditland.net or Catawbadesigns.com it is no mistake.  I have completed the conversion and the other domain names will eventually go away.  Everything is now available here and I only have to keep up one site going forward.  All of the galleries are back up and running, the search is still a little wacky but I think that is the Phoca Gallery's problem at the moment.

Family Tree Questions

I have the Family Tree online here at JamenShook.com and if you are a guest you can see some of the data (Not Living Only).  If you sign in to webtrees (No need to sign into JamenShook.com for this) you will have access to a lot more information, like birthdays, sources, photos and other things as well.  If you have any photos or information on a person that is listed in this family tree please contact me and I will get it updated / uploaded.

This family tree goes in all directions from Crystal Grindstaff Shook, Jamen Lewis Shook.  I tried to include aunts, uncles, cousins regardless how far down the line they went.  We have verified the information that is here as best we can from Bibles, online records, personal accounts and burial records.  If you see a mistake please let me know.

I have converted to Webtrees for the family tree since Joaktree project has been terminated.  There are no real good options for a Joomla family tree and Webtrees is actually good, but it is a stand alone product.  I will keep the old tree here for awhile to make sure that I have not missed anything (As long as it does not cause a problem for the website) but eventually it will go away as well Webtrees requires you to sign in outside of my website and since I have turned off new registrations on this site it really is not an issue