Other Websites that I ran are now listed here:

Banditland.net, CatawbaDesigns.com, Jls-Services.com


Banditland.net (2004 - 2014)

Well first of all let's talk about the name Banditland. Everybody asks the same question, why Banditland? Back in 1992 I started a BBS (Bulletin Board System) that people could call to play online games, Download Files, Chat and just  hangout.  The internet wasn't like it is today and most people used their modems to call other computers not to an ISP.  Anyways I called that BBS "Banditland" and the name stuck,  it was just a name, so here some ten years or so later, I thought it would be nice to get the url http://www.banditland.net and have a place to share things with family and friends.  I can put pictures online for people to see, links to my favorite sites, and have email for the people that need to get in touch with me.

   Banditland bbs ran from 1992 until 1998, that is when the calls just didn't come any more. By then most everybody had some form of dialup to the internet or they had an AOL or Compuserve account. The BBS community had died off about as quick as it started, only the Multiline bbs systems had anything to offer and were usually connected to the internet by some means. I had lots of fun running a board and got to chat with all sorts of people, shared information, files and I managed to learn alot about the world of online computers. I believe that Bulletin Board Systems caused the main surge in the internet traffic that we have today, instead of being logged into one computer, you were now connected to thousands of computers, and the content, well you could find pretty much anything that you wanted, unlike a Bulletin Board that usually had a theme and pretty much stuck to that theme.


CatawbaDesigns.com (2009 - 2014)

I started catawbadesigns.com to have a place to showcase websites and other work that I had done.  It allowed me to host demo sites for clients and give them an idea of how something was going to look on their final site. During this timeframe I did a lot of work on a project called Agora Forum by creating styles so people could change the look of their forums.  I did this for a couple of years while the product was going through many changes.  It eventually went commercial and I moved on to other things.  Basically I lost interest in creating webpages for people or for that matter doing any web work and the site basically set dormant for a couple of years.  Once I quit the Agora work most of the traffic that the website got was lost so there was no point in keeping it online anymore


Jls-Services.com (2012 - 2014)


This is the site I setup to advertise my Computer / Technician work on the side.  I have been doing computer repairs for about 20 years and wanted to show some of the knowledge I have learned here.  The problem was I had lost all interest in web sites and or their content so this site never really took off.  There are a lot of things that could have gone here to save people time and money but my time ended up being more important to me.  Other than a few basic tips and links to free software, this site was useless to say the least.

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