Just wanted to post that I have been working on a new family tree.  Joaktree has been shutdown and is no longer being updated and I keep having trouble with some of the updates to the site because of this.  There really is not a good replacement that supports Joomla so I went with Webtrees stand alone software but it is totally separate from my website (Separate logins, etc).  Maybe someday there will be a bridge or another piece of software that will work with Joomla.  I am going to leave the old Joaktree online for now just so I can compare and make sure all the data is there. (It was breaking my site so I had to uninstall it) I am really going to miss Joaktree because it was a good tool to use for this stuff, but I am really starting to like the Webtrees package alot.  It has some really nice features and I do not mind creating any user accounts that are needed.  You must be signed in to see anyone that is still living but other than that all data is viewable.