Updates to JamenShook.com

Well if you have noticed that things have been changing then you are correct.  I have been updating the galleries, family tree and basically the whole site (all the links should now be working).

I am using a new gallery (Ignite Gallery) and I have been trying to remove all the old copyright notices from banditland.net, catawbadesigns.com or jls-services.com.  I am making them use jamenshook.com and they no longer overwrite the orignial (So this should be a onetime process).  I only intend on using this website going forward and this was something that needed to be done.

The family tree is still a separate package (Using Webtrees) and for now I cannot change this but if you use the full screen link it is better overall.  Joomla is very limited in this area and there are no good packages that I have found.

New Family Tree Software

Just wanted to post that I have been working on a new family tree.  Joaktree has been shutdown and is no longer being updated and I keep having trouble with some of the updates to the site because of this.  There really is not a good replacement that supports Joomla so I went with Webtrees stand alone software but it is totally separate from my website (Separate logins, etc).  Maybe someday there will be a bridge or another piece of software that will work with Joomla.  I am going to leave the old Joaktree online for now just so I can compare and make sure all the data is there. (It was breaking my site so I had to uninstall it) I am really going to miss Joaktree because it was a good tool to use for this stuff, but I am really starting to like the Webtrees package alot.  It has some really nice features and I do not mind creating any user accounts that are needed.  You must be signed in to see anyone that is still living but other than that all data is viewable.


New User Registration

I had to disable New User Registration due to being flooded by spam requests.  Somehow the bad guys have figured out how to setup a new user without actually coming to my site and using the RECaptcha stuff.  I am constantly having to delete hundreds of Fake users.  

If you need to have an account setup on this website, use the Contact Me page and fill in the form to ask for a login, I will create one and send the details to you.  I no longer want to spend all this time deleting users that are fake.  Most of the content is available with out a user name, I think the family tree software will not show birthdates of living people unless you log in.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble.