Well it is official, the domain JamenShook.com has come available and I jumped right on it (well it could have been available for awhile but I have been busy).  I have been watching this domain in the past and finally it was available.  I have been running several other sites for many years now like Banditland.net, CatawbaDesigns.com. Jls-Services.com. I am planning on closing all the other sites down and only run this one.  I will move as much of the content from those sites to here for archival reasons only.  Banditland has been ran since 2004 so there is a lot of stuff there that I no longer need or want and it would clutter up this site.  As I move the stuff here I will take it offline on the other sites and then forward those domains to here until they expire.  I hope you will stop by often and see all the changes.